Suzy Story Books - 50% off with bonus download
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Suzy Story Books - 50% off with bonus download

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All four of Suzy's story books (Doctor, Police Officer, Scuba Diver) + Farmer , which is also an audio book), plus an exclusive audio download of Suzy reading "Suzy the Farmer" are included in this purchase.

Suzy created the audio book as a trial some years ago and has decided to get it out of the archive for you and your little one. We hope you enjoy it.

Here is a little snippet..

This special Christmas offer is 4 books for less than the price of two! Plus an audio file of Suzy reading the story, Suzy the Farmer, for her young freind to read along with. The audio piece is over five minutes long and offers suggestions on how the reader can interact with the audio.

Note: After the order has been processed you will recieve an email. This will provide instuctions and a link to download the audio file. The books will follow soon after, via NZ Post.

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