Knuckle Bones
Knuckle Bones
Knuckle Bones
Knuckle Bones
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Knuckle Bones

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Knuckle Bones is a favourite pastime of children through the ages.  It goes way back... Back... waaaaayyyyy back, to the time of the ancient Romans and even before!

Knuckle Bones is a game I played with my friends when I was a kid, and I play it now with my own kids. 

You'll find videos up on my YouTube channel showing you how to play and of course a wee "booklet" of instructions are in the package that will be sent to you.

      5x Knuckle Bones
      1x Instructions (download the instructions free from here)

Just add a 1 or 2 friends and you have the recipe for loads of fun!

Note. Due to the size of the Knuckle Bone pieces, this game is not suitable for children under 4. (Choking Hazard)

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