Volume  9 - Bright Light
Treehut for Suzy Cato

Volume 9 - Bright Light

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Shadows - What makes a shadow?
Sunsafe - Why do you need to wear sunblock?
Mirrors - What is in a mirror?
Camera - How does a camera work?
Colour - What is colour?
Distance - Why do things look smaller the further away they are?

Approximately 60 minutes running time

Suzy's World, the popular NZ TV series for 5 - 9 year old that answers kids questions. Presented by Suzy Cato, Suzy's World was designed by teachers in conjunction with the school science curriculum.

It's entertaining, educational and encourages kids to have and active interest in their environment and an awareness of their body.

Visit www.suzy.co.nz for more fun information and activities related to each episode on this DVD.


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