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A fun game you can play with a few friends, or many.

It's a game of jump, using a simple band of elastic! Just stretch it, twist it and jump it.

Suzy & Friends - Elastics... The Next Level (YouTube Video)

Have fun jumping your way through our patterns then try making up your own!

Note: It's simple to create your own elastic, just use a 3m piece of elastic; sew the ends together, or even tie a knot. ... We've made them available for you here, in the store, in case you don't have elastic at home

Length: 3m elastic band
Width: 30mm

btw Suzy sewed these limited edition Elastics herself :o) Choose from 5 eye popping colours: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Halfers*.

Halfers - This is where we have joined two 1.5 meter pieces, using different colours of elastic together. Less waste and twice the colour :-) 

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