Suzy's 123 - Book
Suzy's 123 - Book
Suzy's 123 - Book
Suzy's 123 - Book
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Suzy's 123 - Book

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This was one of the first books that I created back in 1997. I recently had a nice surprise when I found some in the box that I had in storage. I hope you like it as much as I did creating it :-)

This is a preschool counting book. Each page incorporates creatures found in New Zealand and each incorporates the numeral "1", the English word "One" and the Maori word for one; "Tahi"

This can make for a fun bedtime story, whilst also providing multiple learning experiences.

Enjoying the colourful pictures which are full of wonderful details and amusing characters.

"Hello my friend,
           thanks for joining me.
                      Let's count the creatures the we can see.


"The imagination is a child's greatest playground. One in which they can learn, develop and discover as they grow"

Suzy Cato



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